New gluten-free production facility at Rossi Pasta

Rossi Pasta, Marietta’s all-natural pasta manufacturer, announces the completion of its new, fully dedicated gluten-free production facility. This facility will enable Rossi Pasta to meet the demand for gourmet quality gluten-free pastas and pizza dough mixes at a higher capacity, while meeting its utmost concerns to prevent cross-contamination.

“Since our founding, Rossi Pasta has been passionate about making only the finest all-natural pasta,” said Steve Keiser, vice president. “Our customers appreciate our commitment and heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition, which has allowed us to grow. We are excited to offer safe, healthy and great tasting gluten-free Italian gourmet goods for the entire family to enjoy.”

Statistics say that approximately one in 100 people are affected by celiac disease, and the only solution is a lifelong avoidance of gluten. Others have wheat allergies that cause them to avoid food containing wheat.

“Pasta and pizza are two of the most missed foods for those adopting a gluten-free diet,” Keiser said. “But we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy great Italian cuisine. Our gluten-free pastas and pizza dough mixes are hearty, full of flavor and have the gourmet quality that only Rossi Pasta can provide.”

The new facility is 100% dedicated to making only gluten-free products on machines imported from Italy. This new addition enables Rossi Pasta to not only increase its production of gluten-free products but also continue to develop new flavors and products. Additionally, it created a few new jobs in the Marietta area.

Rossi Pasta introduced its first gluten-free pastas in 2012, after over a year of research and development. Just one year later, there are eight flavors of gluten-free pasta and three flavors of gluten-free pizza dough, including: Classic Radiatore, Tomato Basil Radiatore, Spinach Basil Radiatore, Vino Rosso Radiatore, Garlic! Radiatore, Italian Spice Radiatore, Shiitake Mushroom Radiatore, Radiatore Trio, Classic Pizza Dough Mix, Italian Herb Pizza Dough Mix and Spinach Pizza Dough Mix.

Rossi Pasta has made great tasting Italian gourmet foods for over 30 years. Pastas, pizza dough mixes and bread dough mixes are made daily following a centuries old production process and include the finest, freshest all-natural ingredients available.

“Typical grocery store gluten-free pastas and pizza dough mixes lack traditional taste, texture and nutrition,” Keiser said. “Our gluten-free offerings are as exceptional as our top-selling regular gourmet pastas and pizzas. They have the rich flavor and intricate texture people expect with fine artisanal pasta and classic pizza.”