MNW Energy opens new office on Pike Street

MNW Energy LLC (MNW) announces the opening of its new office at 353 Pike St., Marietta. MNW is a local company formed to promote leasing and drilling activity in the Appalachian Basin. Unlike most groups, MNW’s goal is to bring economic development to the region by utilizing a cooperative approach. This concept is designed to encourage leasing with a focus on lease terms that permit exploration, development and production while still providing good return and real benefits both short and long term to land and mineral owners.

MNW’s concept is to work cooperative with both landowners and producers. “Ultimately this cooperative effort benefits everyone,” said Doug Mallett of MNW. Jim Vuksic of MNW said, “The approach is simple, straightforward and successful. Work hard, resolve differences and promote drilling and development together.”

Recently MNW entered into a major transaction covering 32,000 acres in Washington County. Mallett noted in his opinion that “the economic impact for our area will be a game changer.” The total transaction is anticipated to be approximately $140 million. Vuksic indicated that this transaction was different from most leasing deals completed to-date because it includes both landowners and producers.

MNW’s unique perspective comes from their long roots in the area as well as a depth of experience in numerous fields. Key management personnel, including Mallett and Vuksic, have long term careers in working for and running publicly traded companies. MNW brings together expertise in general corporate relations, oil and gas production, finance and transportation. The Board of MNW includes landowners, producers and business leaders.

Currently MNW is working two difference areas in Washington County with a view toward expansion into Monroe and Noble County. Land or mineral owners along with producers interested in economically developing their acreage should call MNW for information or an appointment at (740) 434-5262.