Ohio’s high court should expedite Medicaid lawsuit

It is easy to understand why the state’s attorneys are in no hurry for the Ohio Supreme Court to decide a case involving expansion of the Medicaid program – and why those who brought the lawsuit want it expedited.

Earlier this month, Gov. John Kasich convinced a majority of members of the Ohio Controlling Board to go along with his plan to add tens of thousands of people to the Medicaid, through the Obamacare program. Previously, most members of the General Assembly had rejected expansion.

After the seven-member Controlling Board gave Kasich a green light, a handful of lawmakers and two anti-abortion groups filed a lawsuit. They take the position the multi-billion-dollar expansion could not be approved legally by the Controlling Board.

Plaintiffs in the case want the high court to deal with it quickly. State attorneys are in no hurry.

Again, the reason is obvious: The expanded Medicaid coverage takes effect Jan. 1. If the court rules against the Kasich administration, rolling it back once enrollments have started will be difficult. Clearly, then, high court justices should expedite the case.