TAYLOR MADE: Waterford brothers doing big things on the motorcross track

WATERFORD – Andrew and Dylan Taylor are just getting started in their motocross careers, but the Waterford Elementary School brothers have already left their marks on the sport.

Andrew, 9, and Dylan, 8, competed in the Motocross Series at Wildwood Lake Raceway in Little Hocking this fall, with Andrew claiming first place seven times and Dylan taking second seven times. All just two years after getting new bikes for Christmas.

“It’s been their dream,” said Chelsie Moore, Andrew and Dylan’s mother.

Moore’s boyfriend, Michael Chichester, has helped train the boys the past two years and believes “the sky is the limit.”

“The first year was just practicing around the house,” Chichester said. “Just getting used to riding. The beginning of this year we started right into racing. That has went really well.”

Andrew and Dylan often ride with Chichester in their backyard, where the family has built a track to help prepare for races.

As young as they are, naturally Moore worries about the dangers that come with extreme sports. Andrew, on the other hand, enjoys the thrill.

“I like hitting the jumps,” he said.

The boys recently got new KX 65 Kawasaki’s, a more powerful bike than their old ones.

“With these new bikes, with a lot more power, there’s a little bit of a concern,” Chichester explained. “We’ll just have to keep an eye on them.”

Despite their obsession with the racetrack, Andrew and Dylan haven’t let it affect their schoolwork. The Taylor brothers are both honor roll students.

Separated by just a year, Andrew and Dylan aren’t technically twins, although they do mostly everything together. Sometimes they even finish races together.

“Last race, they came across the finish line like this,” said the boys’ grandfather, Bob Moore, holding his hands closely together.

In the final race of the season on Oct. 17 at Wildwood Lake, Andrew picked up his seventh first place finish, with his brother close behind.

“I about got him,” said Dylan.

While the boys are still very young, the potential for successful racing careers appears to be there. That is, of course, if that’s what they still want to do.

“I don’t want to force them, but as long as they want to do it, that’s fine,” Chelsie Moore said.

Chichester reiterated “I will be behind them as long as they want to race. As long as they want to do it, I’m behind them. In my eyes, the sky is the limit. That’s why we put so much into it.”

Bob Moore then looked at his grandsons and asked “You want to race forever, don’t you?”

Andrew and Dylan smiled and nodded.