Candidate for council president thanks residents

If I may be allowed, I would like to thank the city of Marietta for my recent campaign to be your next president of council.

Although I did not win, time and time again I was greeted with smiles and positive encouragements from our citizens. More than just my friends and family, more than just the local democratic party, almost every person I talked to displayed a positive attitude towards my message. My democratic and republican neighbors shook hands to help me on this campaign, and in the end that 275 vote differential still felt like a victory for those reasons.

Most importantly, every positive compliment, every well-wisher, reminded me of why I decided to run. That was to make Marietta the best possible place to live for everyone in the community, and to make Marietta a place where people want to do business. You, the citizens, deserve that, and you proved it on the campaign trail. Everyone, regardless of party, took the time to listen to the message and everyone was friendly. You don’t get that everywhere, the citizens of Marietta are different, you are neighborly, you take the time to listen, and you are the reason I will be back.

Marietta deserves to be the best possible place to live and work because of the people who live here, and I will continue to work as a concerned citizen to make our city just that. You deserve people in your government who listen, who act when there is need, and will look not just to our immediate needs now, but at what those needs will be in the future. You deserve a city that works for you.

Finally I need to thank Walt Brothers, who took me under his wing, and provided me with the perfect example of how an elected official should work for the people they represent; and my lovely wife Karen and my family for undertaking this adventure with me.

Thank you, Marietta. While I can’t say I will run for office again, at least in the near future, I can say that I will remain dedicated to making Marietta the best possible community that it can be. Because you, the citizens, deserve it.

Kevin M. Paskawych