Candidate for city treasurer thanks supporters

Congratulations to Cathy Harper on her election as Marietta City treasurer. I wish her success and am confident that she will continue to represent Marietta well.

Congratulations also to Josh Schlicher and Kathy Downer, elected as new representatives to council. To all current council members who were reelected, congratulations as well. I know that with the help of your two new members, you will continue to work hard to move Marietta forward.

Although my own run for city treasurer was unsuccessful, I learned much from the experience and owe many people thanks. All those who ran but were not elected should be proud that they cared enough to step up and try.

Many thanks to those who supported me with their votes on Nov. 5.

To Glenn Ray and the Democratic Council members and candidates, the donation of your time and knowledge helped me learn and grow in so many ways,

Thanks to the local trade unions, my OCSEA brothers and sisters and the Marietta College young Democrats for their help with our campaigns.

To all those who held fundraisers, donated their time or money, knocked on doors or helped in any way, I am forever in your debt.

My campaign committee deserves special thanks. Your hard work, dedication and support could not be surpassed. Saying thanks in no way repays you for all you have done for me. To Flo Beidler, Carol Gaughan, Katie McGlynn, Shirley Roddy, Kathy Shively and Lynn Vermaaten, you are dear friends and strong women whom I truly admire. Thanks for always staying positive and taking the high road.

Finally, to my daughters and grandchildren, I know that this race has at times been difficult for you, but your support and devotion has always been my strength. We’re all smarter and stronger from this experience. I may have lost an election, but with all of you in my life, I am definitely a winner.

Willa M. O’Neill