Too little help for addicts

Whatever happened to treatment help for the suffering alcoholic and drug addict instead of just sending them to prison again and again?

What is alcoholism and drug addiction? It’s a disease much like diabetes, heart trouble, etc. It can attack the “underprivileged” as well as the “other side.”

Insurance companies pay for people to go to rehabilitation centers, just as they pay for cancer patients, etc., Unless you suffer from the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, you can’t begin to understand … no more than if you don’t have diabetes, cancer, etc., can you understand their disease.

I’m trying to help a very young “lady” who is on her third trip to prison instead of a chance to go to treatment. What is the prison system doing for her? What could a rehabilitation center do for her? It could help her. In prison, she’s only another number. This young “lady” is in her early 30s. She has beat herself up to where she as much as called herself a “menace to society,” told the judge she was “tired” and needed help.

An alcoholic/drug addict can beat themselves up more than “society” ever dreamed of. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be.

I have helped people for years. It used to be … go to treatment, stay clean and sober, get a sponsor, go to meetings, etc. – that’s hardly heard of anymore. It’s just “lock them up.” Would you lock up a diabetic if they ate sugar? Would you lock up a cancer patient if they didn’t get treatment for their disease?

A while back I read where they were trying to get a treatment center in Marietta, however, the owner of the business next to it complained of “drunks and druggies” hanging out near his business. …

Sir, why don’t you attend a few Al-Anon or open AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings? Get a little more educated before you judge people. There’s “drunks and druggies” on every corner of this town.

I’m not writing this to make anyone mad, I’m asking that the addicts and alcoholics get the help they so desperately need instead of just another “trip to prison.”

Sex offenders get a “slap on the wrist so often,” yet the child they violated is scared and damaged for the rest of their lives.

Alcoholics/addicts and their families have a chance to rebuild their lives through AA, Al-Anon, etc.

I was facing prison years ago and instead the judge got me help. Thank you so much! Where did that help go?

Or we have another choice … use the addicts/alcoholics as “snitches,” “informants,” but sooner or later they end up in prison also.

Again, I’m not writing this to offend anyone. I’m only speaking out for the still suffering alcoholics and addicts.

Faye Farmer lives in Marietta.