Just let the president live large on our dime

In recent months I have read letters referring to Obama haters and their aversion to our dear leader. My question is, how can anyone hate this man who has done so much for the benefit of our country? Take, for example, the Affordable Care Act. Look at how masterfully he shepherded this beneficent law into being, even against the caterwauling of the majority of the American public. Like a father who knows best, he made us accept his wise authority for our own good.

Furthermore, just as he promised, America’s image has been burnished in the eyes of the world. Leaders in the Middle East rush to befriend us, to disarm, to embrace pacifism simply because our leader has admitted to American atrocities and has offered abject apologies. It has been heart-warming to see how enthusiastically his overtures have been rewarded.

In this same vein, Obama’s mature and measured handling of the Benghazi mishap can do nothing but elevate this president in the estimation of all who are paying attention. The fact that no one seems to know where he was during this mini-drama does not detract from his regal promise to bring the video antagonist to justice. My heart swells with pride when I hear my president’s words of resolve that ring so true.

Also in our basket of reasons to love President Obama is his total innocence in the matters of NSA spying and IRS targeting. Thank God our dear leader knows nothing of these shenanigans, but we can rest assured that he will do whatever he can to make us, his beloved lambs, feel secure in his protection.

Best of all, we who love him and appreciate his many sacrifices on our behalf are only too happy to foot the bill for his very few and very frugal respites from the drudgery of governance. Bless his heart, he ought to be allowed an occasional little road trip or something to rest up from the hell that his life must be. Vacation, schmacation! Let him live large on our dime.

And speaking of dimes, can anybody spare one?

Glenna Clutter