Commissioners address 2 issues

Washington County commissioners on Thursday approved Troy Cook, Rogenski Electric and Lang’s Flooring to complete the renovation of the Washington County Courthouse storage room.

The three specific contractors were chosen because other quotes showed splitting up the cost was cheaper than having one entity do all of the work.

The storage room is ready to be converted into a 22-by-30 conference room, where myriad meetings will take place.

“The new conference room will alleviate some of the oil and gas traffic we’re seeing now,” Commissioner Ron Feathers said. “We’ll also have some courthouse meetings moved in there.”

In other business, a pre-construction conference was held for the Beverly Sidewalk Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Project. This is the second phase in the project.

Construction is expected to begin as soon as possible and conclude by Dec. 31. The money for the project comes out of the Formula 2012 program. Michelle Hyer, development specialist III for Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District, said the remaining money in the program could have been used for a number of projects.

“The commissioners could have chosen to fund a new project in a new location or do extra work on an existing project, where a project has already been established and the environmental review assessment has been completed,” Hyer said. “With a new location, there would have been no time to have the environmental review assessment completed by Dec. 31.”

The commissioners opted to fund an add-on to an already established project: the Beverly sidewalk. Part B of the project will be completed by Mike’s Concrete LLC and will cost around $15,980. There will be 340 feet of five-foot wide sidewalk put down along 5th Street, between McIntosh Street and the Family Dollar Shopping Center. Commissioner Tim Irvine said that CDBG funds are usually allocated toward sidewalks and infrastructure repairs.

“It’s a great opportunity for cities to be improved,” Irvine said. “We’re very pleased to be able to approve this project for the Village of Beverly.”