Music at The Castle

On Sunday afternoon The Castle’s parlor will be filled with sounds of the night.

The Trillium Piano Trio will perform “Night Music,” from 3 to 5 p.m., giving audience members the chance to embrace the night a few hours early within the intimacy of the parlor.

David Puls, violinist for the Trio, said each of the chosen pieces has something to do with the night.

“There’s some intimation of the word night in each selection,” Puls said. “It’s about night as a possibility of the day’s work being done and time for celebration.”

So while a lot of pieces can represent celebrations, Puls said it could also be about the darker side of the night.

“It can be about an evening’s entertainment or celebration, the time for dreams or thoughts that occur under darkness,” Puls said. “It can represent the vitality of an imagination run wild, of a nightmare or a dream.”

According to Scott Britton, director of The Castle, the concert doesn’t have just one composer’s work.

“There are many different kinds of music,” Britton said. “There is a wide variety of pieces and composers.”

Britton added that The Castle has been the home of the Trio since it formed in 1998.

“I’ve gotten to know the trio well,” Britton said. “Not only are they great people, they’re great musicians.”

There will be some German, American and Spanish music. Composers range from Strauss, both Richard and Johann, to Edouard Lalo. There will also be some Turina and Block.

“If someone was considering chamber music, the romantic era or classical music with great variety, I would recommend this concert,” Puls said. “There’s about a 100 year span of music.”

While many audience members have seen a Trio show, new members are encouraged.

“A large portion of the audience is repeat,” Britton said. “We encourage people to come and discover it for the first time.”

Cynthia Puls, cellist for the Trio and David’s wife, said that while there are many concerts with similar music styles around, the Trillium Piano Trio puts on a unique show.

“The people that come realize it’s not just a concert where you sit there,” she said. “It’s also about history. You’ve been told stories and history has been shared. When you walk away, you’ve learned something.”

“It’s outstanding fun,” Puls added. “It’s a real special event to have someone put on a concert, talk about each piece, and do that every month and have each one be different.”

The final Trillium Piano Trio concert of the season will be held on Dec. 22 at The Castle. The theme is “Song and Dance.” Expect lively dances and songs to be paired together. There will be some Bach, perhaps one of his soprano arias, and maybe even Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker.”

“There will be some seasonal appeal,” said David Puls.