Active shooter drills vital for all schools

Only an hour after Warren Elementary School staff went through an active shooter drill with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, Parkersburg High School went on lockdown after a student was texted a photo of a gun.

The former student who sent the text was intercepted before he could get to the school, if that was his intent, and no one was harmed.

But the incident highlights the fact that school violence can occur anywhere, even in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

That’s why drills like the one at Warren Elementary are so important.

We all hope the skills learned in such an exercise will never be needed by our teachers and students but it’s much smarter to be prepared. Numerous Washington County schools have taken part in the drills and additional training and we’re glad to see that local school officials and law enforcements are taking the initiative.

The training could be lifesaving and it’s certainly worth the time and effort put in.

With all the pressure and adrenaline that would come along with a real gunman scenario, there’s little time to think. Knowing a plan and possible action to take beforehand, and then practicing it until it’s familiar is key.

We hope the local schools who haven’t yet taken part in this kind of drill do so soon.