Be alert and safe driving for the holiday

Lots of people have holiday trips planned this Thanksgiving weekend. We hope your travels are safe from start to finish.

First and foremost, don’t text and drive or talk on your cell phone and drive. If there’s someone else in the car, let them talk or text. If you’re by yourself, pull over and do your talking or texting.

Before your travel day arrives, have your car checked out for leaks, or mechanical troubles that could stop any trip sort of its destination.

If you get drowsy driving, stop and take a break, take a short nap, or change drivers if possible. Just don’t push it. Being a few minutes late is OK. Having a wreck because you’re too sleepy to navigate the road is just plain dangerous.

Allow yourself enough time so you’re not tempted to exceed the speed limit. Speeding can be expensive, not to mention dangerous driving.

Another bit of advice, be on the alert for deer dashing across the road. That’s an ongoing concern throughout Ohio and West Virginia.

Most of all, be safe, have fun and enjoy your friends and relatives at this special time of year.