Obama’s lemmings finally are revealed

Three points to ponder:

A month to six weeks ago there appeared in The Times an article about a young female teacher being killed in Massachusetts by a 14-year-old student. The police did not release information on how she was killed. I’ll bet dollars to donuts she wasn’t killed with a firearm, and since it doesn’t fit the left-wing media’s gun control agenda, we never will see a follow-up story, unlike the sensationalizing of other school killings. Can you say “media bias”?

It appears one of Barack Obama’s most loyal constituencies will be hit hard by Obamacare. It seems the cadillac health care plans most teachers benefit from are going to force school systems to either cut benefits or be hit with huge tax penalties they can ill afford. What suspense! What tragedy! Will Obama allow these loyal teachers’ unions’ members to suffer? Can you say “exemption”?

Why is it that when someone or some group with common sense tries to stop the fiasco that is Obamacare, the left-wing liberals cry “it’s the law”? But when the “liar-in-chief” chooses to illegally exempt groups, change, postpone, cancel, or just plain ignore the “law,” Obama’s legions of lemmings are strangely silent. Can anyone say hypocrisy?

Steven O. Hart