Spirit of giving isn’t limited to holidays

We hope that the spirit of the season – caring for everyone in our community -continues well after the calendar flips over into 2014.

Sure, it’s a lot of work to help our friends and neighbors. But time and again the people of the Mid-Ohio Valley have demonstrated deep passion for the plight of others. Whether it’s medical or financial challenges faced by others in the region, or people dealing with the aftermath of a disaster elsewhere in the United States or in far away places around the world, the caring people of the Mid-Ohio Valley are ready and willing to lend a hand.

People in this part of the world know the importance of helping out friends, neighbors and others in need. Whether it’s writing a check, buying a spaghetti dinner, giving blood, or walking in a 5K to raise money, people are willing to do what it takes to help. And that’s a good feeling even if you’ve never needed a helping hand. Someday you might need an assist, like items from the food pantry, or chores done around your house because you’re unable to do them yourself.

Just knowing people care so much should be a comfort to everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley. And we hope it continues for a long time.