Special AIDS quilt should remind us of dangers that still exist

The AIDS Memorial Quilt is on the campus of Marietta College this week, along with opportunities for free HIV tests and other events designed to increase awareness about HIV and AIDS.

It’s a subject that doesn’t make headlines like it once did, so we’re happy to see that those at the college are reminding students-or perhaps introducing the subject-that the danger still exists.

For their generation, it may not be the source of fear or concern that it has been for others. But that doesn’t mean people should let their guards down and stop using precautions.

Using protection during sexual activity is a smart idea, not only to prevent the passage of HIV from one person to another but other sexually transmitted diseases, as well. HPV, for example, can lead to cancer and possibly have fatal consequences, just like HIV.

Researchers have made great strides in treating HIV and AIDS so that it is no longer necessarily a death sentence but it’s also not something to be taken lightly.

Some who have it may be able to live a fairly normal life, but it will likely be a life with lots of medication, a compromised immune system and other challenges.

In addition to students, we hope those in the community take part in the events of the week and go see the quilt on display. It’s an important reminder of who we’ve lost, where we’ve been and how important it is to stay vigilant.

We commend those who brought the quilt here for keeping this issue in the forefront.