Young leaders appreciate community support

HOBY stands for Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership – a leadership seminar held each year to educate 200 high school sophomores about what it means to be a leader and inspire us to change the world. One of the main aspects of HOBY is leadership for service – giving back to the community. Each of the ambassadors who went to the seminar met with other sophomores from their region to discuss service projects that would help the local community. My name is Christy Heisler, and I am from Region 20, encompassing the area of Washington County. The other ambassadors from this region are Sarah Willey, Megan Whalin, Brandi Johnson, Brandon Dowler, Emma Martin, Gabbie Gramkow, Hope Schilling, Kylee Kasper, and our facilitators are Clay Mason and Emily Mason. As a group, we knew that the Washington County Fairgrounds had recently lost a building to fire – the rabbit and poultry building which also served as the Farmer’s Market building. So, we organized a bake sale to raise funds to rebuild this important part of our community. This event took place in front of Walmart in Marietta on Aug. 15 of this year. It was quite successful, thanks to the organization and helpful workers at Wal-Mart, our parents, and the members of the fair board, especially Colleen Michaels and Richard Henthorn. The money we raised was given to Henthorn and he helped produce this article. I want to thank everyone who helped us, and every person in my group that made this happen. We are very excited to be able to raise a bit of money to make a small impact on our community!

Christy Heisler

HOBY ambassador