Thanks to those who cared after car wreck

An article in the Dec. 7 Marietta Times begins with this sentence: A quick accumulation of sleet and snow took drivers by surprise Friday evening, scattering vehicles off the road in multiple places throughout Washington County and beyond. The article later quotes Marietta Police Department dispatcher Toni Roach as saying that Glendale Road was a particularly bad patch.

My wife, Carole, and I were in a car stuck on Glendale, and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all the people who stopped to check on us and offer assistance. We lost track of the number, but it was an impressive display of the friendliness and character of the residents of this wonderful river city in which we are blessed to live.

We were also amazed that we happened to know three of the people who stopped: Ryan May was in the first 4WD vehicle to stop, and he took our friend to Glenwood. Later, John Lehman parked his 4WD vehicle and walked back to our car, and Al Miller walked down from his house nearby.

Several people who stopped suggested we probably could back into a nearby driveway, turn around, and head down the hill. We figured that if there was not enough traction to make it up the hill, there probably would not be enough to keep us from sliding down the hill, so we decided to call AAA. About 30 minutes later, they called back to tell us they couldn’t get to us, and suggested we call the police. Before I could even place that call, a Marietta police officer happened by and called in a request for a local towing service.

Fortunately, the salt truck soon came by, followed shortly by Ryan Westbrook, who assessed the position of the car and offered to back it into the driveway for us, which we were happy for him to do. We cautiously headed back down Glendale and made it home safely around 8:20 p.m.

During the evening, I had a couple of conversations with dispatcher Roach, who was extremely helpful, encouraging, and personable. Marietta is fortunate to have someone with her ability and personality working in that capacity.

The bottom line is that as a consequence of all the attention and assistance from so many thoughtful people, what started out looking like a difficult situation at best turned out to be a relatively minor inconvenience. We appreciate very much all the help from everyone involved.

Whit Hancock