Waterford resident questions coverage

After several years of reading your daily paper, I find it necessary to reply to several past articles, having lived in most of my 88 years I must be somewhat confused.

Your last editorial tells of the railroad crossing repairs from Marietta to Beverly.

I travel through Beverly and the community of Waterford many times and have not yet found the railroad crossing in Beverly, nor have I found a railroad bridge between Marietta and Beverly.

I have a lot of history of Beverly and “Waterford” (this being a new word in the Times’ vocabulary) and have not found Globe Iron or Interlake Iron, which it is, or A.E.P. in Beverly. As in Marietta and Williamstown, each has their own, it’s just a river that separates you.

We, in Waterford, know the truth, but your paper covers a large area. Just for once, lets tell it like it is.

We also are two communities and work together and can’t live without the other, but to each his own. With all the new computer words coming into one’s life, you can do some research and add Waterford to your vocabulary.

Francis Sampson