A Weighty Issue: A tale of truth, struggle

This is a tale about a woman by the name of Eaterita Food – “Casi” for short. She was a gluttonous individual who enjoyed the finer foods in life; however, her health was in jeopardy. This story begins on cold, snowy winter’s night.

Casi joked to her friend, Bob Cupcake, “Fe, fi, fo, fum – I’d better have some grub in my tum-tum!” Bob, skinny as a rail, chuckled as he ate small portions of his meal. Despite his last name “Cupcake,” he was a healthy eater and exercised regularly. Whereas Casi’s dinner consisted of a whole pizza with a generous side of macaroni and cheese.

After dinner, Casi looked out the frosted snowy window with sugar plums dancing in her head. Oh, the prospects of the holidays were exciting to her. She couldn’t wait for many holiday buffets and enjoyment of family and friend’s parties. However, her declining health due to her weight troubled her. She had severe osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. In fact, her blood pressure was so high at times she wished that top number would resemble her I.Q.

As the night wore on, Bob Cupcake (his father “Vanilla Cupcake” lived an unhealthy lifestyle), implored Casi to lose weight and to exercise. He was worried about his friend. Despite Bob’s concern, Casi simply muttered, “Bah Hamburger!” Bob, who was quite frustrated, bid Casi goodbye for the evening. As he closed the door behind him, she exclaimed with a humpf, “the nerve!”

As the night wore on, it was getting really late. She sat in her la-z-Casi with her book, “The Tale of Two Donuts.” Before she started to read, she glanced over at a photographed frame of her dear, late friend, Marsha Marshmallow, who died from complications of her declining health from obesity. After she died, you would have thought maybe Casi would have turned her life around; instead she became saddened and binged … on donuts.

Casi drifted off to sleep, without her sleep apnea machine – bad girl! Lo and behold she heard a loud noise and opened her eyes to see her dear friend, Marsha, who spoke softly. “Casi, my friend, you must change your life for the better before it is too late – like me!” In disbelief, Casi again muttered “Bah hamburger.”

Marsha had no choice. “Casi, I am warning you, you’ll be visited by three ghosts – The Calories of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Once again, “BAH HAMBURGER.” Casi, who thought this was all a dream, went back to sleep … snoring loudly.

Another noise and Casi jolted awake. There, standing before her, was The Calories of Christmas Past. “Caaasssiiii, you must come with me and experience how things used to be – when you were healthier, happier … and well … younger.” Instantly, before Casi could say anything, she was whisked away to when she was a young adult. “Look,” said the ghost. Casi looked and saw her young self say, “Wow, another two mile walk! I feel great!” The older Casi noticed that not only did she walk on the bike path almost every day, the ability to fit into chairs with ease, ate healthy and (not to be modest) she looked radiant and happy. Upon returning to reality, it was bittersweet – not chocolate; just a bittersweet moment. Casi felt a little solemn but reminisces about how good she felt and smiled – a little one.

Soon, another noise – the Ghost of Calories Present arrived. “Caaaasssiii, see how life is now? You are miserable because of your health and your memories of how you got to this point and what you were once like.” Casi thought this over and found truth in what the ghost had to say. Again, the ghost left in a poof of air.

Sure enough, the final ghost arrived, “The Ghosts of Calories Future – a pair of fraternal twins – actually. The first twin – “Caaaasssii – look at your life in the future … losing weight and eating healthier will save your life. You can do it! The second twin wasn’t as kind and pointed to a cemetery and said not a thing …

Casi awoke with a jolt and remembered the events of the prior night. Wow, she thought, that was an eye opener. The next day was a different day – her thought process changed – she began her trek to lose weight; her goal is to fit in a roller coaster car. Gone were high caloric items and in were fruits and veggies.

Although this is just a “creative writing tale,” it exhibits truth … of myself and others struggling. I went to the doctor today for weigh-in (Dec. 13, 2013) and lost 12 pounds in a month. Yippee! I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to experience now and my future efforts. Merry Christmas to all and to have a good bite! Also, Happy New Year my friends. Until next time …

Casi Stewart can be reached at casichilstew@yahoo.com. A Weighty Issue appears every other Monday on the Life page.