Good to see Marietta police hiring

Good news for the citizens of Marietta. The city’s police department is fully staffed. A total of five new members of the police force have been added this year.

It’s been a while since the department has been so fully staffed.

In the interim, members of the force have worked hard to cover any coverage gaps, or just cover the basics. Basically, that means loads of overtime, which, of course, costs tax dollars. Now, the money likely will be spent for the regular pay of police officers.

But don’t think a full staff will eliminate overtime costs. Working longer than scheduled shifts come with the territory when crime or other emergencies occur.

A full staff will relieve pressure felt by the entire police force. Sure, protecting our community is the top priority. But it stands to reason that an individual can do his or her job better with support and trained back-up. We think that’s the real value in having a fully staffed police department. So, we welcome the newest members of the force and wish all the best to former staff members.

As members of the Marietta community we feel much better to know police department vacancies have been filled by highly qualified and apparently highly motivated recruits.