Marietta man pleads guilty to dealing heroin

A Marietta man who was dealing heroin near an area elementary school pleaded guilty to drug trafficking Monday in Washington County Common Pleas Court and was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Derek D. Oldfield, 28, of 152 Harmar St., pleaded guilty Monday to a fourth-degree felony count of trafficking in drugs.

“On Feb. 20, 2013, near the intersection of Maple Street and Gilman Avenue, Derek Oldfield did sell or offer to sell a controlled substance, specifically 0.3 grams of heroin. This offense took place in the vicinity of a school. That would be Harmar Elementary School,” said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Jared Erb, outlining the basis of the charge.

Oldfield was indicted in July on two counts of trafficking in heroin, both elevated from fifth- to fourth-degree felonies because they happened near the school. The charge related to the first heroin sale, which happened Feb. 8, was dismissed Monday when Oldfield pleaded guilty to the second sale.

After the plea was accepted, Oldfield’s attorney, Nancy Brum, indicated that Oldfield was also ready to be sentenced Monday, so Washington County Common Pleas Judge Randall Burnworth moved directly into sentencing, the terms of which had already been outlined in an agreed disposition.

“I believe the agreement is 15 months in prison. We’d also like restitution in the amount of $300 to the Major Crimes Task Force,” said Erb.

However, the restitution had not been outlined in the agreed disposition, said Burnworth.

Brum agreed that she had no mention of restitution in her notes.

“I’m not going to order any restitution. I’m going to proceed as it is written up,” Burnworth decided.

Oldfield spoke briefly prior to sentencing.

“I’m going to come back to the environment on a better level this time and stay out of trouble,” he said.

After Oldfield’s indictment, Washington County Prosecutor Jim Schneider said Oldfield was one of many small players that operated within a local heroin trafficking ring headed up by Michael V. Richards.

Richards, 36, of Vincent, was one of seven people, including Oldfield, to be indicted in July for heroin trafficking charges. Richards recently pleaded guilty in Washington County Common Pleas Court to a second-degree felony count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and is expected to be sentenced Jan. 30 on the charge.

The heroin trafficking charges were not Oldfield’s first felony charges, said Erb. He also has prior charges for burglary, conveyance of weapons or drugs into a detention facility, and possession of cocaine, he said.

Oldfield was not amenable to community control sanctions, said Burnworth when issuing the 15-month prison sentence.

Oldfield faced a maximum 18 months on the charge.