Bond is set for accused robbers

Bond was set Monday in Marietta Municipal Court for a man and woman accused of plotting and executing the armed robberies of two men in downtown Marietta last week.

Municipal Court Judge Janet Dyar Welch set a $200,000 bond-$100,000 in each of the two first-degree felony counts of robbery levied against Mindy Sue Fox, 32, of 237 Muskingum Drive.

Fox is accused of first robbing 30-year-old Matthew Bailey by threatening him with a knife Thursday night as he was driving through the ATM of the Citizens Bank Company.

The next morning she reportedly used a knife to force 33-year-old Darrell Ashby to drive from a site where he was working construction on Third Street to nearby Settlers Bank and withdraw money for her.

In both cases, James Jonathan Augenstein, 43, of 836 Pike St., Apt. 16, reportedly acted as the getaway driver. In a statement of facts given to the Marietta Police Department, Fox also accused Augenstein of plotting the robberies and promising to murder any victims if the plan went awry.

Augenstein was charged with two first-degree felony counts of complicity in aggravated robbery and also received $100,000 bond on each count. Additionally, Welch ordered a $5,000 bond against Augenstein for a probation violation.

Fox and Augenstein remained incarcerated in the Washington County Jail Monday evening.