Arrest made after struggle with officer

A Parkersburg man was charged with aggravated robbery in the early hours of 2014 after he allegedly tried to take a gun from a police officer during a struggle in downtown Marietta.

In addition to that first-degree felony count, Dale E. Nesselrotte, 32, of 1045 24th St., Parkersburg, is facing fourth-degree felony charges of assaulting police officers, a fifth-degree felony count of vandalism and second-degree misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest from an incident that began shortly before midnight Tuesday.

According to Marietta Police Sgt. Rod Hupp, the department received a call at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday from the Galley at 202 Second St. Nesselrotte had allegedly punched the glass of the restaurant’s front door, breaking it.

When an officer arrived, a woman reported that Nesselrotte had assaulted another female inside, Hupp said, although it appears that individual left the scene before officers got there.

The officer found Nesselrotte walking in the 200 block of Second Street and ordered him to stop. According to Hupp, the man swore at the officer then put up his fists as if to fight. When the officer tried to take him into custody, the suspect struck him in the head.

A second officer attempted to help subdue the man, at which point he attempted to pull that officer’s gun from his holster, Hupp said. A total of four officers were on scene and multiple officers held the man down, but he did not stop resisting until the first officer used a TASER on him multiple times, the sergeant said.

Once handcuffed and shackled, Nesselrotte allegedly began kicking one of the windows of the cruiser into which he’d been placed. An officer had to sit in back with him to prevent him from damaging the cruiser while he was taken to jail.

With Marietta Municipal Court closed Wednesday, no bond was set for Nesselrotte. He was scheduled for an initial court appearance at 8 a.m. today.