Christian nation can’t bow to endless complaints

The Atheist movement is now complaining about Christmas carols being sung by our children in schools across the country. Why in Heaven’s name are we letting these people infiltrate our Christian belief? Don’t we have the right to our beliefs, just as they do? Seems as our elected officials go along with them, and has removed God from all of our schools, and numerous other things. You know, just recently they complained about a portrait of Christ being displayed in a local school. Yes, the school officials got scared and removed it. What a shame. Of course if they hadn’t removed it, our judge’s, and our elected law enforcement would no doubt have brought legal action against them. I ask, what harm do we do in excepting Christ into our lives, schools, and communities? What harm do we do to these Atheist’s who keep complaining about anything connected to God? What are they trying to accomplish? You know, I sometimes wonder down the road what this country will come to be!

Robert D. Carnes