Wolf Creek board’s new member takes seat

WATERFORD – The Wolf Creek Board of Education swore in a new face to its ranks Monday evening and immediately began recapping recent accomplishments before discussing plans for the future at its organizational and first regular meeting of the year.

Cheryl McCutcheon, an office manager for McCutcheon Brothers Construction, a mother of three and a grandmother of seven in Waterford, took office after her successful first run landed her one of the two vacant spots on the board for 2014.

Hugh Arnold and Neil Huck retained their positions as president and vice president, respectively, with unanimous support from the three other members.

During the meeting, members were brought up to speed on happenings in the schools and administrative adjustments made to adapt to new laws and regulations.

After a completed active shooter drill at Waterford High School Friday morning, principal Randy Shrider spoke to the board about feedback afterward.

“Many of the students indicated that it would be a much better drill if we didn’t have them call home 10 minutes before,” Shrider said. “Their point of view was…the drill will be better if we don’t have those 10 minutes to get prepared.”

After generally positive feedback about the effectiveness of the drill, board members discussed future possibilities in regard to safeguarding the school as much as possible against such an event.

Superintendent Bob Caldwell brought up Ohio House Bill 215, also known as the Law Officer Volunteers in Education (LOVE) Program.

The legislation allows current or retired law enforcement officers to volunteer in schools and patrol school property “in order to prevent or respond to a mass casualty event.”

The program would run on a volunteer basis, although Caldwell noted that volunteering officers would be able to use the experience for tax credit purposes while also being able to continue service to a cause that concerns so many.

“Throughout the state we have a number of active and retired law enforcement, even in this area we have six or seven in the Waterford district,” Caldwell said. “If they were willing to devote their time to what we’re doing and what we’re asking, I would really appreciate that, with the community working together.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board approved the acceptance and donation of a John Deere 50 tractor, donated from Shawn Work for his grandfather Clyde Knoch. Knoch is the namesake of a scholarship fund that was established in his memory in care of the Waterford FFA after Knoch died in early 2012. The tractor will be awarded to a raffle winner

“I thought it was worthy of the recognition of Mr. Work in the memory of his grandfather Mr. Knoch,” Caldwell said. “It could be quite a raffle.”

Shrider noted that the money earned from the raffle tickets will most likely go toward the Clyde Knoch Scholarship Fund.