City temporarily suspends 2-hour Armory Square parking lot limit

Enforcement for violations of Marietta’s two-hour parking limit in the Armory Square parking lot will be suspended for the time being, according to a recent news release by the city administration.

Suspension of the enforcement will be lifted as soon as weather permits city work crews to paint striping and numbers for 28 parking spaces that will be leased monthly by the city.

The release stated that merchants and customers in the downtown area should be aware that white-striped parking spaces have a two-hour limit, while yellow-striped spaces are for paid monthly parking only in all city-owned lots.

Although parking enforcement is currently suspended in the Armory Square lot, the two-hour and monthly parking space regulations will continue to be enforced in other city-owned lots at Second and Butler streets, Parking Partners on Second Street, and the East Muskingum lot next to the Putnam Bridge.

Parking enforcement will also continue for on-street parking in the downtown area.

For more information, contact the Marietta City Administration at 373-1387.