Don’t take chances keeping warm

Another wave of arctic-cold weather has hit the area. With it will come an increase in the number of house fires – and, possibly, deaths in them.

Many of the primary heating systems in local homes struggle to keep residents comfortable when outside temperatures dip below zero. That prompts many people to overload the equipment and/or resort to heating techniques they know are hazardous.

When one is shivering in the cold or watching children suffer from it, common sense about safety often is disregarded.

Don’t do it, we beg of you. Rather than using a cookstove for heating, firing up a propane grill inside or resorting to any of dozens of other dangerous methods of warming up the house, find some safe way to keep warm. Put on a sweater or even a coat. If the cold gets too bad, go somewhere else.

We hope you stay toasty warm during the cold spell. But please, make safety the top priority.