Appreciate those who have to be outside

Snowy days, followed by more snowy days with a few below-zero temperatures mixed in have made January a month to forget.

We just want to take time out today to thank the snow removal crews and other workers who do their jobs outside. It’s especially heartfelt during these times of nasty weather.

Realistically speaking, nobody wants to be outside in the snow, wind and cold. But some jobs call for just that and we’re glad for our friends and neighbors who go beyond just collecting a paycheck. They’re doing their jobs and doing them well so our daily lives can continued almost unaffected by adverse weather conditions,

There’s no doubt this will be a month to remember for its spring-like weather around New Year’s Day to the arctic-like weather experienced over the past two or three weeks.


We hope you take some time out of your day and call city hall, or the county engineer, or ODOT and say “thanks for the hard work” removing snow and keeping roads passable. Or maybe you’d could leave a complementary word for the police, fire or rescue personnel or mail carrier, plumber, UPS driver or anyone else you can think of who has to be outside at this time of year.

We’re sure your kind words will be appreciated.