Belpre Council discusses aerial mapping of city

BELPRE – The Belpre City Council viewed a presentation concerning acquiring new geographic information system aerial maps for Washington County, including the city of Belpre, during its Monday evening meeting.

Council was asked to consider paying a portion of the cost for the aerial mapping of the county, said Roger Wright, county engineer, in his presentation to council.

The cost of the GIS aerial mapping project is being split among many Washington County departments, creating a detailed map that can be used by each and paid for by all, Wright said.

Belpre City Council was asked to consider paying $8,000 for its portion of the aerial mapping service. This, along with a $700 annual update cost, will provide the city of Belpre with precise, updated information that is accurate within six inches, Wright said.

The current aerial map is accurate to within four feet, which has caused property disputes among neighbors, said Belpre Law Director Tom Webster. That four-foot difference has led to questions about storage buildings and fences all over town, Webster said.

With accuracy within six inches, many of these disputes will be settled by the new map, Webster said.

Mapping is scheduled to begin in early spring, “before the leaves are on,” Webster said. He urged the city to decide on the matter promptly.

A vote was not taken on the mapping plan.

City council briefly discussed portions of the floodplain ordinance, including the need to replace fire hydrants that contain lead. No official resolution was introduced.