Coal industry has ties to tainted water case

Our tainted water hit the national news. When this happens, sometimes our national and state level elected officials work to solve a problem. Then again, maybe not in our lifetime. Nothing has really happened after Newtown. Will our elected officials do something to protect the drinking water of West Virginians or will the coal companies control the water as they have since coal was discovered in 1700s? Will the coal companies control the water of our state as the National Rifle Association controlled any type of gun regulation?

So much propaganda has been spread that President Obama was going to destroy coal just like he was going to take everyone’s guns. The fact is that coal mining has increased since President Obama has been in office. During the election of 2012 we saw signs saying to protect coal to save jobs. The reality is that only 4% of the workforce in West Virginia works in coal mines. The reason that the numbers are dropping is because of the increase of mountaintop removable mining which maybe only employees 15 people to destroy a mountain and get some coal which needs to be washed so it will burn clean.

I wondered why so many rural counties had water lines from Charleston. The reason is that those counties already had their water wells contaminated by the runoff from the coal ash and debris from the mountaintop mining.

As usual, the citizens of West Virginia are being abused again by “King Coal.” Is it not time that our state and federal elected officials realize what deregulation has done and is doing to our state and Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee’s beautiful mountains and to the citizens of these states?

I would encourage all citizens to write to our state and federal elected officials to strengthen EPA and stop taking contributions from coal.

Margaret Meeker