Super excited

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will meet in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday, and some local businesses will cash in on the big game.

Debbie Leffingwell, local Subway owner, said the sandwich business booms on Super Bowl Sunday.

“We get a lot of folks who’ll come in and order a bunch of foot-long subs that day,” she said. “We also do 3-foot, 6-foot, and even 9-foot subs (in 3-foot sections) and party platters.”

Leffingwell said the platters are popular because they contain a variety of subs and give Super Bowl guests a choice of sandwiches and condiments.

Subway sandwich artist Becky Wolfe at the Frontier Center store said she’s expecting a busy day Sunday.

“Most customers come in and order five or six sandwiches at a time to take back to friends at Super Bowl parties,” she said.

Richie Harris, manager at The Original Pizza Place on Second Street, said the pizzeria will be delivering plenty of food Sunday.

“Business is great during the Super Bowl,” he said. “Wings and pizza are favorites, and we’ll be running a special that day.”

Harris said the store’s delivery service will definitely pick up for the game.

“We normally add at least one extra driver to handle the added business and keep our deliveries on time,” he said.

As in past years, the Harmar Tavern will host a Super Bowl party.

“We’re expecting a good crowd,” said tavern employee Jennifer Fairbanks.

She said this year’s party will be better than ever.

“We’ll have prizes, party games, and complementary party food,” Fairbanks said. “And everyone can watch the game on one of our six television screens.”

Boathouse BBQ on Virginia Street is also planning for a party Sunday evening.

“There will be food and drink specials all day on Super Bowl Sunday,” said bar manager Kelly Gray.

She said the Boathouse has a total of nine large screen TVs so that patrons can watch the big game from almost any location in the building.

“We think there will be a pretty good crowd that night,” she said.

Washington County public defender and Denver Broncos fan Ray Smith plans to watch the Super Bowl at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Parkersburg.

“I’m the biggest Broncos fan in town,” he said. “I was born in Colorado and during high school I always had season tickets to the games. And now all my kids are Broncos fans, too-even my son who lives in Cleveland.”

Moving to the Mid-Ohio Valley in the 1990s did not change Smith’s loyalty to his Denver team. In fact, his office is filled with Broncos paraphernalia, from helmets and photos to his Broncos-themed chair.

“With Peyton Manning as quarterback I hope it’s a high-scoring game,” he said. “But it should not be played in New Jersey this time of year. That’s just stupid.”

Asked if he would rather be in the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. for the game, Smith said it’s bad luck for him to attend any Broncos game in person.

“I went to an AFC championship game between the Broncos and Steelers one year, and the Broncos lost,” he said. “That won’t happen again.”