No one asked questions about W.Va. water

Recent articles in the Akron Beacon Journal have focused on the poisoning of water in West Virginia by “leak(s)” from Freedom Industries, a plant producing chemicals to “clean coal.” The articles did not tell us the reason for such a large area being dependent upon one water source. One is tempted to believe that no one wished to remember the reason for the many smaller communities losing their water sources and becoming dependent upon this one source. That reason? Private wells and area water sources had been fouled by coal and other types of mining activities to the point where they were unusable.

Now, of course, the poison from the negligence of Freedom Industries (Freedom to pollute, perhaps?) is not only lingering in the area as a result of it infiltrating the riverbed, but it is also traveling with the river on its way to the sea. Will it be passing by and through Marietta’s water supply intake? Will anyone notify your citizens if it is detected? Will there be any effort made to find out if it is in the water? Who will ask the question?

Janet Daily