Mock trial contest a good test for young minds

Congratulations to the winners of Friday’s District Mock Trial competition – Team Athos from Warren High School, and Team Gold from Federal Hocking High School.

They move on to regional competition as part of the Ohio Center for Law Related Education’s 31st annual Ohio Mock Trial competition. An estimated 3,000 Ohio high school students spent the day in courts across the Buckeye State.

The local competition is sponsored by the Washington County Bar Association. Congratulations to the group for recognizing the value of nurturing young minds. They may grow up to be lawyers. Even if they don’t it’s a good exercise that tests students’ abilities to research, reason, react quickly on their feet, and express themselves.

Coaches emphasized the effort put in by the students. They just weren’t winging it Friday; hours and hours of hard work went into the research for the exercise in spite of the recent missed school days because of the severe winter weather.

We wish Friday’s district winners the best of luck at the Feb. 21 regional contest, and, if they qualify, at the March 6-8 statewide contest and even the national competition May 8-10 in Madison, Wis. Whatever the future holds, everyone who participated should take away a good feeling that doing a good job on anything takes time and hard work.