Marietta Council should get on with well request

Re: City council hears more about fracking.

My suggestion is for our esteemed council to quit holding hearings on whether to lease some city property for oil and gas exploration, put it out to bid and get the best deal possible and move on.

The land in question is three to five miles away from our city water well field and drilling will be more than 7,000 feet deep while our water field is only a couple hundred feet deep.

Contamination? Hardly. There are at least three oil and gas wells within one-half mile from our water well field now actively producing and one, one, in the very middle of our water well field. The only in the middle sits just 200 yards from several of our water wells. It is probably only 2,000 feet deep and surely was fracked back in the early 1980s. Any contamination so far? Or earthquakes.

An interesting point also is that overflow parking for the aquatic center has been moved away from the existing water well by the center to apparently protect any leakage, gasoline, oil, or other automotive fluids from contaminating the surface near the well. When, in fact, there is the oil and gas well right beside the mentioned well(s) with flow lines and tank battery in the midst of our well field.

So, council, forget the naysayers, the doubters, and move on. Put it out to bid and get some revenue.

Also, there are several producing wells within yards of the land subject to discussion.

James C. Mitchell