Be sure sidewalks are clear of ice, snow

Recent snowfalls, with more on the way, mean it’s up to homeowners and property owners to clear the sidewalks in front of their properties.

While city workers clear city streets of snow, it’s not the city’s responsibility to maintain sidewalks in front of private properties. The neighborly thing to do is to get out and shovel the snow, or find someone to do it for you.

When bad weather persists, many people opt to leave their vehicles at home and walk where they can. Others don’t own vehicles and rely on walking anyway. Still others walk to exercise their dogs, or themselves. In short, there are lots of reasons lots of people need clear access to move about city sidewalks.

Record breaking lows don’t make getting outside easy, but when temperatures do ease, we urge you to clear your sidewalks if you can and if you can’t, seek help.

City law states in part that no resident may fail to keep sidewalks clear, so technically, complaints could be filed. But we don’t think it needs to come to that.

Spring is at least a month or more away, so neighbors should really just help each other out. Consider others who call this community home. Do what you can to make safe passage possible for everyone.