Volunteers’ efforts at shelter appreciated

I would like to send out a greatly appreciated thank you to some folks who helped install the new generator at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. These people who installed and gave materials did this free of charge to the shelter to show their support for what the shelter does. This generator means animals never having to go without heat or air depending on the weather if power goes out. It also allows for our medications and vaccinations never going bad. Also being able to do day-to-day cleaning for our furry friends without missing a beat. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Avodent, Rodney Herron, Rech Angus Farms (Mike Rech), Steven’s Oil and Gas (Bill, Jared and Tyler), IBEW (Josh Giffin, Travis Travis and Ryan Dyar). Thank you all again. It was truly nice of you all to do this for us free of charge.

Steven W. Herron, executive director. Humane Society of the Ohio Valley