It’s time to take care of business at home

First of all, let me state that as a registered Democrat I have helped to vote into office, over the years, just as many Republicans as Democrats. My philosophy is, that, it’s all about “we, the people,” and not about “we, a party affiliation.” As the Constitution has been deteriorating over the past several decades, “we, the people” are taking notice! Also, there is too much deadlock and stalemate in the name of party affiliation; entirely to much politicking and not enough taking care of business at hand. The words echo: “A nation divided cannot stand.” And “we, the people” are taking notice, as will be told in the upcoming elections across our once great nation.

As a taxpaying citizens, I am sick and tired of taking care of the world’s problems, and of sticking our political nose in the sovereignty of other countries, while letting our nation go to hell in a hand basket. Our elected representatives can’t take care of business at home, what makes them think they can solve the world’s problems?

Ever since NAFTA and GATT, corrupt corporations in the name of greed, shipped American jobs to foreign lands; creating a downward spiral of the American economy. Closing of factory after factory, decimating the American economy slowly but surely; which in the end created long-term devastation of tax revenues necessary to run government. No jobs, no money flow, resulting in borrow, borrow, borrowing!

And, then, the greatest heist of all history by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, stealing homes from “we, the people,” not to mention the looting of our 401ks by the fat cats of Wall Street (the losses in dollars that “we, the people” sustained didn’t just evaporate into thin air, it went into somebody’s pocket); and the irony of it all, the CEOs and CFOs go unpunished with nearly a slap on the wrist. If any private citizen were to go into a bank and steal money from Freddie and Fannie they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but yet, Wall Street, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and the malefactors of Capitol Hill that have robbed “we, the people” go scot-free. The good ole boy system were the rich, famous and elite go free and where the poor downtrodden and underprivileged go to prison. Lady Justice is indeed blind!

The unemployed, the forgotten veteran, the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, and yes, the bankrupt homeless of Main Street, that were robbed by Wall Street, are crying out for justice, and they are also crying out for a return to the security that hard-working Americans were robbed of by the NAFTA and GATT agreements enacted by politicians that bowed and yielded to corporate and Wall Street greed. Betrayed by the very ones we have voted into power to present “we, the people”! Wake up Mr. Politician!

Let’s take care of business at home. “We, the people” are tired of war after war, a war-mongering nation, no wonder we are so hated by the rest of the world. Let’s mind our own business. Trillions of dollars sank in the sand over there by Capitol Hill oil barons and their cohorts. Looking out for their own interests at the cost of “we, the people.” Stealing from our once solvent Social Security Retirement Fund to support unjust wars as far back at Vietnam, and never repaying it back to “we, the people.” When they have just about broken the bank at the expense of senior citizens (Social Security Retirement Fund) the war mongering oil barons turned to price gouging “we, the people” by artificially jacking up the price of gasoline to support their war. And then when it’s all said and done they raise our taxes, by various means, to rebuild the roads and infrastructure of the very countries they blew up, while ours continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

Instead of sinking trillions of dollars in the sand, how about sinking those same dollars back into Social Security for the elderly workers that built this nation; and while you’re throwing away those trillions of dollars for lost causes in the sand over there, how about, instead, putting it to good use for rebuilding our own nation’s roads and infrastructure; restoring it once again for the next generation of “we, the people.”

I will not vote for any politician that calls the Social Security Retirement Fund a “hand-out” or a “blight.” In reality, it is “your” greed and graft, “your” NAFTA and GATT agreements, and “your” unjust wars, that has blighted this once great nation. “We, the people” have paid into the Social Security Retirement Fund by our hard-earned money and sweat while employed for long hard years of toil to build this nation; it’s not a hand-out, we paid for it and have earned it.

Well, it’s coming up to election time soon, and it’s high time (past time, matter of fact) for “we, the people” to re-examine the politicians life of ease. Maybe, “we, the people” should put the politicians’ pay raises on the ballot, instead of allowing them to vote their own pay raises; wolves in the hen house!

Maybe, “we, the people” should present and pass a bill that would limit terms of office for senators and congressmen. Maybe, it’s time for “we, the people” to take away your benefits and your health insurance and make you purchase it at your own cost.

I have a better suggestion, instead of borrowing trillions of dollars to sink in the sand, how about sinking that trillions dollars in a fund that would let “we, the people” have the same health insurance you enjoy, free of charge, of course. Let’s just call it a pay-back for all the money that has been stolen from “we, the people” in recent years. Yes, yes! That’s what I want, the same health insurance you have, away with ObamaCare!

Election Day is coming – put America back to work! Bring back American industry to our shores, which has been the backbone of America’s financial success in bygone days.

Take care of business at home. Restore our Constitution! We will never prosper again until America returns to her roots as a Republic; “We, the people … One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” Make America great again.

Dale D. Goddard Sr. lives in Marietta.