Feeling down? It’s no surprise

By now we’re guessing you – like so many of us in the Mid-Ohio Valley – are sick and tired of winter.

It has been a seemingly endless run of rain, snow, cold, ice, more snow, extreme cold and when the sun does shine it’s when the mercury barely gets into the teens.

Forecasters may say better weather is ahead. We know that. But spring and summer seem pretty far away on Feb. 10 when there is snow virtually everywhere and ice lurks on sidewalks and driveways all around town.

What can we do to beat this depressing weather that has many people in the winter doldrums?

Here are some tips from various experts in the field:

Get outside when you can.

– If getting outside isn’t feasible, force yourself to get active for at least a few minutes each day, even if it’s walking around the house.

– Light therapy boxes can help when you are feeling low.

– Socialize – talking with friends and family can reduce the sadness that comes with winter.

– Eat well – A good diet ensures that you have adequate energy.

– You might even be coming down with a case of seasonal affected disorder. Don’t let it continue for a long period, call your doctor for advice on what to do. Symptoms of SAD include feeling unhappy, loss of energy and the ability to concentrate, losing a desire to work or being sluggish.

Depression can be a much more serious condition, one that required help from professionals. That condition goes far beyond the winter blues we’re talking about here.

We hope any feelings of wintertime depression pass and that you’ll be able to cope with day-to-day life. Keep in mind spring is just a few weeks away.