New clinic at Post 64 site would help vets

American Legion Post 64 in Marietta could soon be razed and replaced with a new post facility as well as a medical clinic, something we think would be well utilized in the community.

Though there is one veterans clinic in the city, that doesn’t always meet the demand. We hear many stories of vets, here and throughout the nation, unable to get timely appointments or necessary care. If they do, transportation may be a problem since they may have to travel quite a distance to get to a veterans hospital or clinic.

If we can meet more of that need right here at home for our veterans than we’re providing them with benefits to which they’re entitled.

The construction would require a zoning change from residential to commercial, a change that city council members say could be hard to make in the tight timeline required to proceed with construction.

Council should have been approached sooner, but we hope members will still do everything possible to make this happen, despite the time crunch.

Neighborhood residents also have to be on board and we hope that they see the potential good in this plan.

So many veterans don’t get the care they need and deserve simply because of the roadblocks that are too often in place. One clinic in Marietta won’t solve the problem, which also needs to be addressed with additional outreach to those who have served, but it’s a good start.