Couple appreciates kindness of strangers

My husband and I would like to thank the five gentlemen who helped get our car out of a ditch during this past Sunday’s snow storm. This happened at the interchange at I-77 and the Exit 6 Marietta ramp getting onto Ohio 821.

We were stuck for only a minute when the first man stopped and tried to help us. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, four more men stopped and between the five of them they were able to pull our car out and we made it home without any further incident. The entire time, I was standing off to the side trying to get AAA on the phone in case they were not able to help. Just as AAA finally got on the line, our car was pulled from the ditch and we were on our way.

We were not able to get any of their names and since we were blocking traffic, I quickly jumped in our car and thanked one of the guys.

We hope all five men read the Marietta Times and will see how grateful we are for their help. My husband and I moved here about three years ago from a large city and we are certain that our situation would not have been aided so quickly or effectively there. The resident knowledge, equipment and eagerness to help complete strangers in need of assistance is clearly an intrinsic trait of Marietta. These days, it seems, there are many places in our country that could learn from Marietta’s example. We are glad we’re here.

Dr. Charles L. and Janice Levy