We’ve met the enemy and it’s … you know who

Weapons of mass destruction are right here.

After the events of 9/11, our great country rose up as one to defend our nation, our homes and our families. In the ensuing years we have spent billions of dollars, thousands of lives and had to travel half a world away to pursue those responsible who were the ones to cause such harm to us. We were put on high alert and told how vulnerable our infrastructure was to attack.

Let us fast forward to the events of January 2014 in Charleston. A state capital is paralyzed by the loss of clean water. Had this been a terrorist attack, this country would rise up in outrage and demand justice. Troops would be mobilized and the media in a frenzy. It’s not airplanes crashing into buildings. It’s storage tanks and facilities located in sensitive parts of our country. These are the WMDs that we should really be looking for. But this time it was not foreign parties waving swords and burning our flag. No, it’s guys in business suits who live right here. They either don’t care to be responsible for their actions or inactions or they are too well paid to turn a blind eye or to defend the industry’s callousness. The really big money don’t live here. Nope. They are home safe and sound; elsewhere. Corporations are not persons as they can not die of thirst.

Mack McHale