We should boycott the Winter Olympics

Fifty-one billion dollars spent (misspent), hundreds of houses (homes) demolished, hundreds of dogs killed in cold blood without conscience (canine genocide) and a substantial ration of gutter politics, all so we can endure the nonsense of another Olympics.

And now the questions folks:

How much good could have been done with $51 billion? So many Russian lives could have been made so much better!

What gives the powers-that-be in Russia the right to destroy the homes of hundreds of good people for those politicians’ own personal gain?

What kind of sick, twisted minds does it take to viciously murder innocent dogs just for the sake of appearance to make their precious Olympics look all pretty and nice?

Are the politics in Russia as deep down in the toilet as they are in the United States?

In closing, I have three words in response to this decadent, degenerate situation …

Boycott the Olympics!

Chet Hejduk