Not every neighborhood is a friendly one

We always hear about how in times of trouble, neighborhoods help each other. That is not the case where I live. I am a disabled senior, whose left side is very weak from a paralyzing stroke. I also have COPD and angina, which means I should not be out in cold or hot weather. My husband is in a nursing home recovering from a knee replacement of his right knee.

Therefore with all the recent snowstorms we have had, it has been up to me to shovel our walkways and driveway. I could not call any neighbors because non of them have land lines, only cell phones. To walk to where they live would take almost as much effort as it did to shovel. One neighbor did offer to help after the fact but her health is not much better than mine is.

The point I am trying to make is not every neighborhood is a friendly one. All the caring neighbors where I live either died or moved out. The ones who live here now care only about themselves. I’ve tried to be a good neighbor. I even ran as best I could outside when a neighbor fell on the ice and broke her shoulder. I stayed with her until the squad came. I don’t know if anyone would do that for me, which is sad.

Now you’ve seen the other side of the coin.

Reesa Jean Joseph