Gun safety education for local children is a good idea

Gun safety is an issue that is vital to many people in our community. And teaching the basics of gun safety to children is vitally important in today’s world where guns are prevalent.

The Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program will hold a local session at IBEW Local 972 Union Hall behind the Peoples Bank branch in Reno on March 8. There’s no cost to participate.

There’s an 11 a.m. session for kids in Pre-K through the first grade and a 2 p.m. session for kids in second and third grades.

Daryl Jones, owner of Gunstock Firearms is sponsoring the sessions. “The most important thing is children being safe,” Jones says.

We totally agree.

This isn’t the place to debate gun control or other gun laws. This IS the place to teach safety to our youngest citizens. In fact, no guns will be present at the sessions.

Education is done primarily through a four-step program – STOP! … Don’t touch … Leave the area … Tell and adult.

Local magician Kerry Blair will perform and help drive home the key point about safety.

Kids don’t have to have guns in the home to run across a firearm. It could be in a friend’s home, or with a relative. With the knowledge from this gun safety program, kids will be taught what to do to avoid a problem and stay safe.

We hope the March 8 program attracts big numbers and leads to more sessions to continue teaching our children about being safe around guns.