Traffic suggestions can be put to good use

Thanks to the traffic commission for the study to make better traffic flow.

We find flash mode traffic signals irritating and maybe somewhat dangerous. At times, it takes longer to get through flashing signals (to whit: Fourth and Butler) than it does stop-and-go lights.

Let us consider how long it usually takes to cross Marietta from one side to the other: On a really good day about 5 minutes. On a not so good day, maybe 10 minutes or more.

Starting with Bob O’Malley, we have complained for over 30 years about only two intersections:

Second and Butler needs something. If not a traffic light, perhaps pedestrian crossings. We should be more friendly to tourists on foot and bike and to visiting college parents.

An inexpensive fix for Third and Washington would be a no turn on red sign for drivers on Washington facing west and turning right (north) onto Third, considering that traffic facing east and turning left (north) has a green arrow while the facing traffic has red.

Elin W. Jones

Arthur H. Jones