Property Maintenance Code reaches too far

I would like to publicly thank Mayor Joe Matthews for his veto of the Property Maintenance Enforcement Code. This code is too far reaching and just another example of government erosion of the Constitution. I see this bill as just another rich man’s law, where the wealthy and elite benefit and the poor and struggling masses pay the price; much like the old west when the railroads were using tactics to force the poor farmers, cattle ranchers and sharecroppers into forfeiture, to buy up their property for next to nothing.

We already have health and safety laws on the books that address the issues of unsafe buildings, property, and etc. The property owner at 217 Second St. (mentioned in the Marietta Times front page article of Feb. 24) should be held accountable for the window(s) falling out of his/her run-down property, not the whole citizenry of Marietta. Use the laws already on the books and go after him/her.

We do not need a Gestapo committee of enforcers going around harassing the poor, elderly, and struggling citizens of Marietta, especially in this dire economy state where Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae has already stolen our houses and properties, and where Wall Street has robbed the working men and women of their 401(k)s (the money just didn’t evaporate, it went into someone’s pocket).

Kalter’s self-appointment as property czar will come back to haunt him come next election. He has driven the final nail in his political coffin.

Keep up the good work, Mayor Matthews, and councilmen Vukovic and McCauley, for protecting, “we, the people” of Marietta from another fiasco that will chase business and commerce out of Marietta. “We, the people” have elected government officials to represent and protect us, not harm us. Look out, Kalter, come next election.

Dale D. Goddard Sr.