Efforts of one man to care for flag are appreciated

I am writing this letter to commend a very special person that was an employee for Warren Elementary School – Dan Marrow – who has recently retired. I watched every day or almost every day, at the end of the day, when he took the flag from the pole – whether it was raining, sunny, hot, cold, snowy or very windy, whatever the day had in store – he took the flags down one at a time and stood there folding it very respectfully, never letting it hit the ground. I watched others take it down who just rolled it up and stuck it under their arm or wherever. How disrespectful!

My husband also came with me a few times and observed this. We said he needed to be commended for this. So that’s why I’m writing this letter. He needs to be recognized for a job well done. Thank you, Mr. Marrow, for a job, a wonderful job well done.

Peggy S. Bland