Y Get Fit: Keep up with your exercise during wintry weather

My husband and I moved to Marietta last January. Before we made the decision, everyone told us how little it snowed in Marietta. We heard all about how the winters are mild and the temperatures reach a bit warmer than in other parts of Ohio. I had told Andy that if he were to move us, he should please think “south!” I am a warm weather enthusiast. So when an opportunity came up to move to this town, he had a great selling point. We were moving south! … It was clear to us on the map. From Springfield, Ohio, we moved about 1 whole centimeter down!

While it is true that when we check the weather, we are continuously 5 to even 10 degrees warmer than Springfield. Even so, we certainly have had our share of cold weather here!

After a frozen hot tub mess, putting my car in the ditch (it was mostly the fault of the frozen patch of ice and only partially because of the driver), falls down our steps (not me – all my husband!), and hours spent shoveling the driveway (which then becomes re-covered in white 45 minutes later and we have to start again), we have survived what we hope is the worst of the winter weather.

With the roads being covered in snow and the weather being so cold, it is easy for me to want to stay inside, roll up in a blanket, grab some hot cocoa, and watch the hallmark movie channel. I hope this is not too uncommon and at least someone out there shares my enjoyment for these lazy days!

However, I do know that lack of physical activity can become a habit just as much as being active can become a lifestyle. Therefore, I have to continue to create a routine of physical fitness even during the wintry cold months in Marietta, where yes, it does indeed … snow!

If it is hard to get out, let’s use the weather in our favor. Have a snowball fight, go on a winter walk, or shovel that driveway (again!)

Indoor activities can be fun, too. Pop in an old ’80s workout video (C’mon, I know we all have at least one or two of Denise Austin, Richard Simmons, or Jane Fonda videos … but what we might not have is a VCR!)

Call your friends and hit the gym. If the weather has you inside too long and you are ready to get out and move, then chances are your friends feel the same way.

The Marietta Family YMCA hardly ever closes for bad weather. You can count on it being open. You and your friends can take a dance class together, use the spinning bikes for a great workout, walk and talk on the cardio machines, shoot hoops in the gym, or lift weights. You can try a new class like H.I.T.T or Xplode, get warmed up in the pool with some swimming, or simply walk around the building talking to your friends (this is a common workout of mine!).

When I leave, I feel good that I stuck to my fitness routine. You will, too! And, then I’ll meet you later for hot cocoa and laziness. We will deserve it!

Kerry Jean Waddle has a M.A. in Health and Wellness, a B.A. in Physical Education and Health Education, has ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor Certifications, and is a YMCA personal trainer.