Helping our food pantries an ongoing concern

Understandably, many of us have been wrapped up in our own lives throughout this harsh winter – getting to and from work; what to do with the kids home from school; is the furnace working and how to pay those massive heating bills.

But there are others in our community – friends and neighbors – whose needs remained the same throughout these frigid, snowy days. Putting food on the table can be a constant battle for individuals and families short on money.

A column in the weekend edition by Candy Waite, director of the Gospel Mission Food Pantry at 309 Lancaster St., drove home the point that the need to put food on the table remains great regardless of the time of year or weather condition.

We applaud efforts at all local food pantries to fill a very basic need for Washington County residents. The people who run the pantries and scores of hard-working, dedicated volunteers fill a vital need in our community, one that logic tells us will be with us for the forseeable future.

We want to urge you to help in any way possible either with a monetary donation, or giving the gift of your personal time, or donating food to be distributed to clients.

Your efforts – no matter what you do -definitely will be appreciated, especially if you make a habit of helping out.