Adult tech training at the Career Center

A recent online web conference focused on serving Ohio-based employers statewide with ACT WorkKeys. Adult Technical Training at the Career recently co-hosted the “webinar” conference, which centered on WorkKeys – a job performance and skill assessment.

Sherri Becker with Adult Technical Training was a presenter for the conference and says WorkKeys is used across the nation to measure competencies in the workforce. “A key element to economic development is workforce readiness,” says Becker, “WorkKeys provides a method to measure workforce strengths to determine skills-gaps and for employers to hire the right skills for success.”

Over the past thirty-five years, thousands of WorkKeys assessments have been performed by Adult Technical Training at the Career Center to meet demands of regional employers. “Hiring individuals with the skills that are utilized on the job yields success for the employee while supporting company goals?of safety and quality” explains Becker. She adds that WorkKeys assessments center on problem-solving with no academic questions – making it very adaptable to the existing workforce and experienced individuals. “It focuses on someone’s ability to reason and troubleshoot workplace issues – employers need these applied skills and experience to maintain their goals in production, service, and growth.”

The recent conference shared information between assessment providers and employers regarding WorkKeys methods and benefits, determining how employers’ needs can be met using the WorkKeys process. An emphasis is placed on determining what the employer needs and goals are – them implementing the appropriate methods. Sherri Becker says the Adult Career Center is a designated WorkKeys Solutions Provider bringing all phases of job analysis and assessment services to the mid-Ohio valley region.

The Career Center’s Adult Technical Training is located on State Route 676. For more information on the WorkKeys assessments contact Sherri Becker at (740) 373-6283 or visit